Updates! 11/22/2008... There are updates to the Blog and Links.


This art by Chris Cruz was on display at the Wheelz exhibit at the Columbus (OH) College of Art and Design in 2005.  I was not the model for this piece of art.

At the present time this is primarily a site devoted to my motorcycling habit, but I've included pages on other topics, also.

I've been riding BMW motorcycles for 14 years, so the motorcycling content on this site will lean toward the BMW marque.  I've got plenty of motorcycling stories, lots of diecast models to show, and lots of gear to review.

I'm also captivated by trees and one page of this site is devoted to them in photos, stories and announcements.   And you'll find lots of tree pictures in the Nature gallery at www.mrob.smugmug.com, as well as general nature shots.

I've got a Smugmug account where photos are displayed.  There will be links from stories or other areas of this site if there are photos on Smugmug.

I also have another website on which I show and sell my handmade glass beads and jewelry. You may purchase through PayPal or use your credit card.


About the site:

Under “Motorcycles” you will find reviews, items I have for sale and information about my diecast model collection, which is mostly BMWs.

In "Stories" you'll find some literary endeavors, mostly stories of motorcycle rides and trips, but some other topics are also there, such as a story about the Quilts of Gee's Bend.

"Blog!" Well, I might as well get with the terminology. That's what it is... me babbling about stuff.

"Trees" is where you'll find writings and photos of trees. 

“Links” is the place to look for… links!  All subject matter is here, not just motorcycles.


If you need a domain or inexpensive website, please see http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=8525189.

Contact me at marilyn.roberts@gmail.com