Diecast Models
For Sale

I have a lot more diecast models than these. I have about 40 of them, mostly BMWs but there are a few other marques, too.

Schuco R90S in the Piccolo line.  The coin in front of the bike is a quarter.  I bought this model from a vendor at the 2005 Vintage Motorcycle Days in Mansfield, OH.  At $16, it's not a bad value and Schuco, which is a German company, makes good models.

Schuco's Georg "Schorsch" Meir R50TT Kompresser from the Piccolo line.  Meir won the 1939 Isle of Man Senior TT on the bike (the real one), which marked the first time an Isle of Man event had been won by a non-British bike and rider.  The coin in front of the model is a quarter.  Another number plate is located on the front of the model in front of the screen-like windscreen, which in this photo appears as a vertical white line in front of the handlebars.

1:12 BMW R1150R.  This is a BMW-distributed model, which I bought at my dealer.  It's a fine model with lots of detail, made in China, of course, but I do not know who makes models for BMW.  It has moving suspension, numbers on the gauges, moving side stand and center stand, an oil sight glass, and the neatest thing is that there is a key in the ignition with a dangling key fob.  It's hard to tell from this photo but all cables and wiring are present, and they are in proportion; on many of the cheaper models with wiring, the wiring is too coarse.

1:12 R100RS police model.  This model is part of Yat Ming's Road Legends series.  This was an inexpensive model.  As you can see, the spokes are coarse, there are no wires or cables, and the silver circle above the jug is a Phillips head screw, which I can assure you the actual bike didn't have!

1:18 Isetta 250 and camper.  This neat little model was made by Revell.  The engine flap on the car can be opened, and so can the front door, which reveals a steering column that actually swivels up with the door.  The roof of the camper can also be opened and inside you'll find a man lying down under a blanket for an evening's sleep.  He's a bit on the green side, so my friends tell me that he's recovering from a hangover.  Shhh!  Do not disturb!

This is a set produced by Schuco of Germany, although it's made in China.  The DKW 125 RT bike is part of Schuco's Piccolo series.  The scale is not given but the truck is 3.5 inches long.  The bike is held in a plastic holder in the truck bed, and one of these days I'll remove the holder and attach the bike with "straps" of thick thread.